Is it Time to By-Pass Police Dispatch With Social Mobile Apps?

Is it Time to By-Pass Police Dispatch With Social Mobile Apps?
The other day, I was with an friendship at Starbucks, and we witnessed an wreck in the nearby intersection. Since we were sitting on the patio, he clear-cut to call constitution enforcement dispatch. He was put on hold, and he gave this information, I guess they wanted to make sure it was not a prank call, chances are they asked him what the problem was. Meanwhile, nothing was being done, and no police were on their way. Had there been a life-threatening injury, those crucial couple of minutes could’ve made the difference between life and death.

Now then, maybe it’s time to bypass police dispatch, and go to a web-based system which could allow for txt messaging in emergencies. Almost to the point where we didn’t even require a 911 ovum phone number, although we could have it for land lines perhaps, or in special cases. Rather most of the information would be text messaged, and monitored by the nearest police closest fot it GPS position. Think about it for a second.

In New york city and other places people are hailing taxicabs using txt messaging, it’s going quite a bit faster, it is much extremely effective. Why not make use of this same strategy to alleviate the cost of police dispatchers, and get the information to the police cars that are nearest the scene as quickly as possible. In the age like smart mobs, there is no sense the high-grade guys can’t besides use the same strategies. There are only a few places that we know about these are already doing this, and all the technology already exists.

Those that dial 911 have to give the venue, and if somebody text messaged law enforcement, that person would eventually deceive to give their location anyway, why not just take it from the phone? This would immediately hang it on a map interior the constabulary car, maybe we get the response time down from three to four minutes in the city, ailing to 2 minutes flat. Since ambulances also stage themselves in the best areas based on previous experience like where calls might come in in a zone defense grid pattern, they are already nearby. Today, this is all carried out with AI software.

They do this for efficiency further to save time, why denial save them some more time, police lives, and cause a more rapid response? Why not look at every conurbation that is already doing something similar, and come up with trilogy or four business plan type manuals so every police department can join board? If we save time and money, this likewise saves cities’ program money, and puissant prevent the raising of taxes. Now what a thought. Please consider all this and think on it.

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