Mobile App Developer Brisbane – Why Apps Are Good For Business

Mobile apps are an idea whose time has well and truly come, and that’s not just exaggerate from mobile app developers. Brisbane city streets on a busy day provide ample evidence. Sit and watch the passers-by: it’s easier to earl people who don’t have a smartphone than those who do.

With more and more phone users shopping and interacting for business and brands via their smartphones, it’s highly likely your customers will welcome a well-designed app. Mobile app development has moved beyond simply ens cool to become a highly forceful part of marketing strategies for plenty small to medium-sized businesses. Apps allow you to reach customers wherever they are 24/7, they help you keep up with your competitors and they stipend you to tap inside new sales channels. Through a mobile app your business can stay in intimate contact with your customer base like never before.

Business journalist Christopher Null writing for PC Mag points to the sheer practicality of apps compared to portable web browsing. “Mainly it relates to the way today’s phones are designed,” he says. “An app gives you much more manner on the phone than a bookmark on that phone’s browser does. Than than forcing the user to launch the browser and find your URL, an app is always there, front and centre on the mobile desktop. Your business is constantly in mind, whether the person is using the app or not.” And apps certainly claim a massive share of time spent on smartphones. A kortgeleden ComScore study found that 82% of “mobile media minutes” are spent with apps instead like with the phone’s web browser.

A common complaint from small business is that mobile app development is more expensive than mobile-optimised sites. Yes it is, besides well-designed apps can add tremendous value by doing things for customers that mobile sites can’t. Want to turn your products into a video game or create push notifications to customers? Apps can, mobile sites can’t. Just one of many clever examples of mobile app evolvement is the small vitamin brand Nordic Naturals. Nordic has extended its app’s usefulness beyond just finding retailers and online shopping by adding functionality that allows users to set reminders to take their vitamins connective remind them when to reorder pills.

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