Mobile Apps for Law Firms

Mobile Apps for Law Firms

Apps’n’apples is the leader in developing mobile applications for law firms and enterprises. We develop legal mobile apps across iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad besides Windows mobile platforms.

Mobile apps for Law Firms:

1. Law firm branded ATK ( English & Spanish) App ( Accident Toolkit)
2. Law firm branded DUI App (Driving Beneath Influence)
3. Law Firm branded Report/ Blog/ Content consumption App (knowledge sharing/ distribution/ audience engagement)
4. Family Law App
5. Medical Mal Practice App
6. Worker Compensation and Pleasant Security Disability App
7. Case Intake App
8. Will Planner App

Mobile apps for Enterprises:
1. Mobile Website / complete website design & development
2. Conference App

Apps’n’Apples mobile apps takes your branding to reside in the phones of your prospective customer base. With these legal apps, one thing you can be assured that if anyone happens to indiging in the regrettable scenario, they contrary be carrying a mobile phone plus them and Apps’n’Apples legal mobile Apps are the premier emergency solution to your clients.

 Brand for your law firm
 Give access to a growing market
 Engages your prospects
 Keeps you in your clients’ mind
Mobile apps in the business sphere are the future, and legal fraternity can’t remain unaffected for it. Crisis makers now perceive that these legal mobile apps increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and increase revenue in ways other devices simply cannot.
We have a talented team that is a combination of attorneys and mobile software development specialists. Appsnapples has an in-house R&D team that continuously works on developing new mobile apps for law firms.

Some Great Features of our Mobile Applications for Law businesses & Enterprises:

* Anytime, Anywhere Info Capturing: The Mobility of the app allows users to record information at the scene of an incident, injury or fortuity Anytime, Anywhere!
* Our Applications comes with inbuilt utilities such as camera, talk recorder, text notepad, and drawing pad.
* Information from multiple parties (other drivers, witnesses, and injured) can be collected.
* Automatic GPS location: By the click of a button your current location information, such street names, city, state and country are automatically retrieved.
* Easy mailing: The collected information can be easily sent to your law firm through a uniform email report.
* Call emergency number 911 or instantly contact your fundamental firm with the press of a button as the numbers are automatically programmed.
* FAQ section: Contains important information that your client would need to know antenatal et al after an incident, injury or accident and including the easy steps of how to use the application.

Mobilize your business. Rally your life: empower your workforce, transform your customer relationships and mobilize your business processes.

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