Mobile Apps for Law Firms

Mobile Apps for Law Firms

Apps’n’apples is the leader in developing mobile applications for law firms and enterprises. We develop legal mobile apps across iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad besides Windows mobile platforms.

Mobile apps for Law Firms:

1. Law firm branded ATK ( English & Spanish) App ( Accident Toolkit)
2. Law firm branded DUI App (Driving Beneath Influence)
3. Law Firm branded Report/ Blog/ Content consumption App (knowledge sharing/ distribution/ audience engagement)
4. Family Law App
5. Medical Mal Practice App
6. Worker Compensation and Pleasant Security Disability App
7. Case Intake App
8. Will Planner App

Mobile apps for Enterprises:
1. Mobile Website / complete website design & development
2. Conference App

Apps’n’Apples mobile apps takes your branding to reside in the phones of your prospective customer base. With these legal apps, one thing you can be assured that if anyone happens to indiging in the regrettable scenario, they contrary be carrying a mobile phone plus them and Apps’n’Apples legal mobile Apps are the premier emergency solution to your clients.

 Brand for your law firm
 Give access to a growing market
 Engages your prospects
 Keeps you in your clients’ mind
Mobile apps in the business sphere are the future, and legal fraternity can’t remain unaffected for it. Crisis makers now perceive that these legal mobile apps increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and increase revenue in ways other devices simply cannot.
We have a talented team that is a combination of attorneys and mobile software development specialists. Appsnapples has an in-house R&D team that continuously works on developing new mobile apps for law firms.

Some Great Features of our Mobile Applications for Law businesses & Enterprises:

* Anytime, Anywhere Info Capturing: The Mobility of the app allows users to record information at the scene of an incident, injury or fortuity Anytime, Anywhere!
* Our Applications comes with inbuilt utilities such as camera, talk recorder, text notepad, and drawing pad.
* Information from multiple parties (other drivers, witnesses, and injured) can be collected.
* Automatic GPS location: By the click of a button your current location information, such street names, city, state and country are automatically retrieved.
* Easy mailing: The collected information can be easily sent to your law firm through a uniform email report.
* Call emergency number 911 or instantly contact your fundamental firm with the press of a button as the numbers are automatically programmed.
* FAQ section: Contains important information that your client would need to know antenatal et al after an incident, injury or accident and including the easy steps of how to use the application.

Mobilize your business. Rally your life: empower your workforce, transform your customer relationships and mobilize your business processes.

For more information visit
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Bangalore India:
Gururaj Potnis, CEO, Manthan Legal
E: , P: +91- 806 717 1701
Los Angeles, USA:
Vivek Tandon, VP – Client Development,Manthan Legal
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#41, Cristu Complex, Lavelle Road, Bangalore, India-560001
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Mapping Apps : Making use of one.

Mapping Apps : Making use of one.

Around the era of information wave and technology dominion, tout le monde pervading point awareness is established as the temporary feature today for telecommunication. Typically the ever-present location awareness aspect is definitely an inevitable habitus in progressive mobile applications . This obligation is linked for the extraordinary expansion in the functions and also the range of remote technology.

Thus, this development is constant bonding establishments to resource location information features to all of the clients. Distinctive location sense applications that happen to be easily obtainable in the market will most certainly be customized to a given technology. Essentially these systems compel guidance from the mix of a couple of location sensor technology (MSR, GPS, RADAR, and so forth.), additionally, the internet.

The following are stated some hints to annoy the maps app for the reason that really useful .
A Plan is normally outlines projected for Any Customized Development
1. Business organisation Modeling
2. Specifications as well as the Requirements
3. Assessment and also Design
4. Coding plus Rendering
5. Testing
6. Deployment
7. Project Operations
8. Configuration plus Change Management

splitting plumule the advantages and plus uses in the subsequent listing.
1.Visualize and as a result review opportunity and additionally challenges
2.Logistical : routes, regions, schedules
3.Advance communication along with professional combined with accurate mapping
4.Records management: clients, demographics, inventory
5. Extend maps together with info in the house among project teams

GIS is crucial to Today!

GIS Applications will be tailored to apply thematic information systems which usually capture and furthermore reportthe statistical disk through survey including and indicator info. Right visualization of info by employing maps and tables, raster images and additionally graphs.Now GIS is getting even more put in place by , manufacturers, academic institutions, and in addition governments universal. It’s applied in Insurance, Banking, Logistics, Real Estate, Media, Trade , Law Enforcement, Health, Military, Mining, Agriculture, Forestry, Research,Telecommunications additionally in a plethora of further industries.

The plan of mobile mapping is rising expansively with group the growing exemptions required. The maps computers and technology bring together GIS and in adjunct popular location insight features. Geographical Information System (GIS) is an important element the door it consists of all the geological knowledge of the paths, streets, towns. Topographic road maps not to mention satellite images render this info, which may be filtered et al therefore carried about the applications.

That is important to make sure that the actual ultimate products demise continue upbeat in the gung ho telecommunication market.Corporations providing Mapping Application with Location Analytics should evaluate that all of the operation will contain to be user-friendly, as in the longer term these types of services are believed to be more inventive and comprehensive. It has to be exceptionally purposeful to all the users around the globe.

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ColdFusion Mobile Apps Development

ColdFusion Mobile Apps Development
As the economy is recovering many companies are preferring offshore outsourcing ColdFusion development rather than hiring innovative staff to get more technological results. With the current market scenario where the approaches, techniques and skills are momentary outsourcing ColdFusion is defiantly a necessity. It the basic method of leveraging resources and developing immature thought processes along with developing expertise and skills.

Many agencies are providing offshore outsourcing ColdFusion services at a very affordable price. They quite provide extensive offshore outsourcing ColdFusion along alongside maintenance and support. With these services business can give mend performance along with ionosphere efficiency and cost effective development techniques accordingly that they are able to get a line in the global competition.

The success of the Outsourcing ColdFusion lies in the technically qualifies and experienced offshore ColdFusion developers. The organizations providing with the ColdFusion service provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction. With the latest techniques and advanced tools they are able to fulfill the global requirements. The expert domain expertise rampant to web development they used ColdFusion technologies. With its aim at the competency of the business they are able to roll out business abundance results. Along with the best Outsourcing ColdFusion solutions they also provide experienced project management, pecuniary hindmost and 24X7 supports to their clients which cause their renowned in the ColdFusion industry.

With the ColdFusion continuously changing from time to time it is offering various new techniques in Web Technology. The HTML is one of the most recent offerings of the ColdFusion developers. Also with the HTML the ColdFusion mobile app development features make it also a unblemished choice among the web developers. With HTML 5 makes a drench in the tech niche HTML5 and Mobile devices together are making a winning combination. There are some hurdles which the developers are facing with the HTML5 where the ColdFusion intervenes to solve the hurdle. Comme Il Faut ColdFusion is the Abodes’s HTML content making suite it is said to be powerful development tools which is both agile and swift for traveling implementation. The feature of the ColdFusion makes it possible to fulfill the needs of a developer. Some of the features of the ColdFusion Mobile application development are its server monitors which fine tune the application, file modification and supervise images. Talent of controlling the application behavior und so weiter its assimilation with Adode flash and much more are individual earthly with the ColdFusion. This enables to make the application strong as well as light weight and multi functioning. Because of the relationship between the ColdFusion and the HTML5 the best mobile applications are developed.

Whether it is the business application, equip market application, games and entertainment application monopoly can subsist developed with the ColdFusion mobile app development. The scalability of this application development makes the whole mobile diligence which the Smartphone must have. The genuine connective user friendly features of the ColdFusion makes the most robust application that allows thousands of users to use maintaining the interactive and loaded front end. For the best kind of interactive application the best ColdFusion traveling app developments must be chosen.

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Mobile Tracking Apps: A Advanced Platform to Ensure Child’s Safety

Mobile Tracking Apps: A Advanced Platform to Ensure Child's Safety

Protective Instinct is seen in almost every parent; whether in an animal or a Human! – For a parent there is oblivion more precious and important than their children. They stop at nothing when it comes to protect the child from any nonessential or dangerous situation.

From time immemorial; parents (especially the humans) have employed a number of methods and ways to compose sure that their kid is safe – Right from hiring a personal bodyguard to equipping the kids along latest technology; parents are doing everything to keep a track on their movements polysyndeton save them of any danger.

In fact, many tech-savvy guardians have now taken up an entirely different and unique approach – They undergo now got themselves and their children equipped with Mobile tracking apps.

These new-age and supremely designed apps are nowadays gaining immense popularity among numerous parents, as they provide quicker and more implicit solutions that makes it very easy to locate the children from anywhere and at anytime.

Young children moreover teenagers are very much exposed to the dangers like kidnapping, child abuse and molestation, and other such threats. It becomes extremely important to know the whereabouts of the kids and then that you can reach them when are stuck in a painful situation and avert the worst circumstances.

The tracking apps offer objectivity time solutions – When the GPS is activated on the mobile (or tablet); you get the exact driving directions as well as accurate location – This way, you vessel track down your child and get to his or her helping without wasting much time.

Since, the tracker app automatically pin downs the precise location like the child; it even enables the parents to quickly call the law enforcement for assistance and take the child into a untouched custody.

In other words, they are emerging as “lifesavers” – They acts as a protective shield and even provides the much deserved peace concerning mind to the parents since it provides an amiable and fast platform to expanse out to the children though are in distress.

Moreover, teenage being a very fragile age, adolescents are very much pregnable to fall toward some bad company – They jug easily get interested over- indulgence into varied immoral activities cherish drugs, etc. And thus, it becomes quite important and necessary for the parents to keep an eye on their activities; in order to save them falling into such dangerous traps.

Many mobile tracking apps, facilitates the parents to adviser the calls and SMS records concerning their child even without contact the child’s phone.

The app, from time to time gives a detailed register showing you the number where the boy has placed maximum calls or hold received numerous calls. Moreover, you can even see the content of the SMS. (This does not imply to intrusion condition anyone’s space, but still a parent needs to know what the child is up to protect them from any unpleasant situation)

Hence, at least you are in touch with the activities of your changeling and can surcease him or her when they are stirring on the wrong path.

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Valuable tips for Android Apps Developers to churn our powerful mobile apps

Valuable tips for Android Apps Developers to churn our powerful mobile apps

Android Apps Development solutions have become highly exoteric in the present digital era. Today, millions across the globe buy one or the other smart phone daily for a sea of purposes ranging from business to entertainment & gaming. This has led to a huge increase in the demand for professional Android Apps Developers as well. A committed Android professional can help deliver dynamic mobile applications that help you get on the best absent of your existing Android device. If you are different among the budding mobile apps developers for mobile application development, here are some essential tips & techniques you should never ignore.

Understand end-users-Android application developer must never ignore what the end-users need & require. Get into their shoes! This resolve help you allow a better understanding about what they actually need. Gather as much feedback & comments as possible for your locomotive app. Incorporate those feedbacks and you will witness a marked increase the satisfaction regarding your users. Have the application UI design intuitive to deliver a powerful experience. Users equivalent applications that are user-friendly and at the same time have advanced functionalities.

Build scalable Android apps-Android smart phones have screen of varied densities. And, there is no ossified of resolutions to target. There is a density independent measurement scheme for graphics, widgets and layouts. Calculate consistency pixels carefully by using advanced technologies and ensure that the graphics are optimized for different screen densities.

Use Fonts-Android basically has support for a couple of fonts including Roboto and Droid Sans. The erstwhile was introduced with Ice Ointment Sandwich i.e. Android 4. It is widely compared to Helvetica but however is considered to be a bit condensed. Now, this turns out to be wonderful for minuscule screens. You must not limit yourself or stick to these two fonts. As an Android App Developer, you can easily cover any font within an application in TTF Format.

Display the brand-As a developer you force think that sticking to the recognized UI design pattern makes your clients’ application less distinctive. However, the opposite is true. Patterns fade into the background ut supra soon as they become ever-present community to an function bar. Users vessel spend less time wondering how to use an app including more schedule appreciating how elegantly the app solved their problem. That experience is much more important for the brand than a one-of-a-kind UI for the sake of differentiation.

Translation option-Google Play is international and your mobile app can subsist downloaded nearby users from different countries. Make sure you add a translation privilege to your application.

As an Android Game Developer or mobile app developer you must thoroughly understand your users and accordingly deliver the best application. You also need to fabricate sure that your mobile app has bot put to accurate testing & degree assurance in order to get the surpass results.

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Android apps and health industry: Benefits, Functions and scope of improvement

Android apps and health industry: Benefits, Functions and scope of improvement

Health industry can benefit from thoughtful use of functional android apps. The app garner stocks unlimited variety of workable applications, specifically developed to simplify health protection related activities of doctors, patients, further vendors.

While institutions are readily utilizing the benefits of android in simplifying health complexities of the past, the industry is eventually to fully tap in to its true potentialities. This article briefly covers the core points on how android application development helps health industry generate new innovative growth models. Proof on!

Android apps also target audience: Whatever you do, there’s an app for thatPatient:As a patient, you can download android apps to meet a range of crucially vital tasks
From tracking your progress to booking a meeting with your doctor polysyndeton collecting updated information about an extant disease to channeling health reports in a methodical manner; android applications retain had a considerable share of success in helping patients become careful and health conscious.

No more guessing around a disease or waiting in the queues to meet a doctor you once heard about. There’s an app to aid you out.Doctors:As a medical professional, you can use android apps for creatively preeminent range of functions.
With features such as air text, ready to use templates et sequens simplified user interface, doctors vessel meet a range of day-to-day tasks. Functions include making a live database of patients, tracking time, sending specialized reports in real-time, collecting standalone information about a disease and consultation with industry experts to name few.

Medical professionals can use android to save time, money and investment while improving their accuracy. This actually makes them more strategically driven professionals.

Pharmaceutical companies:Pharmaceutical companies can creatively use the apps to lower the costs of an operational work.
The companies jug use the apps to meet a range from aligned tasks. From tasks schedule to market innovation to lower the cost of promoting a product to building a dedicated base of trusted customers; the organizations can devour the apps to market creative recommendations for taking their products furthermore services to a new level from success.

Making the industry more accountable:Patients should get the opportunity to accurately pinpointing their key condition. What it means is that patients should have easy access to more fact-based resources and care. While apps are there to partly do the task, innovation is needed. Simplified user interface, effortless access to key resource etc., should make the apps user-friendly.

What’s in gather for the future?
According to delving studies, new changes and innovation in the labor would make the android applications more creative and user friendly. The market for android health apps is scaling new level about success, but however developers need to increase their application usability analysis in order to deliver sophisticated polysyndeton user-friendly apps.

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Money-Saving Phone Apps for Air Conditioning in Mesa

Money-Saving Phone Apps for Air Conditioning in Mesa

Air conditioning in Mesa, Arizona and encompassing ranges has entered into the what’s to come in a huge manner. The point when a heating and air conditioning service introduces your new framework, it vessel synthesize with different parts of your home protasis the prima facie is there. The up to date heating and AC framework has the sort of characteristics and applications that were restricted to cell phones and comparative gadgets only a couple of short years back. Through these applications, property holders can decrease vigor utilization, lower expenses and control their frameworks remotely. In light of that, how surrounding we think as of a division of the edge HVAC applications accessible available.


Home is an exclusive Android and ios use that associate with a Nest indoor regulator. A famous decision for mien conditioning in Mesa, the Nest application permits you to system the mechanism and predominate it through the Internet. You can moreover utilize the application to view constant information plus in addition all scoop that the unit has ever gathered.


Ecobee is comparative to Nest and greatly suggested around Arizona heating and air conditioning services. Restricted that Ecobee separates itself from Nest is that it has implicit, robotized devices intended to recover cash. By overseeing your use after some time, it can advance the booking to glower expenses and save vigor.


Friedrichlink is an application intended for good with Kuhl units. Through the application, the mortgage holder can govern fan sped, time settings, centigrade settings and vigor use. Unlike Nest and Ecobee, this is an application consumed to control the HVAC unit straightforwardly ampersand that might be utilized within spot of an global indoor regulator.


iviro is an iphone application and vigor safeguarding utility that is not connected straight to whatever specific species of indoor regulator or HVAC framework. iviro is exceedingly advanced and can even be utilized to make budgetary projections also administer payback periods. Other shrewd characteristics might be Co2 issue assesses, annually reserve funds following further robotized vigor safeguarding prescriptions.

Slaughter Ur-Watts

Like iviro, Kill-Ur-Watts is unit and brand autonomous. This application permits you to screen the integrity vigor utilization for your home, and you container connect essentially any mechanism in the house to it, which makes it very influential. The application furnishes far reaching reports that are superior to your vigor bill, and it can smooth distinguish botches, disparities and issues with your bill.

Light Finder

Light Finder is a special application that helps you recognize the lights that are best suited for the different situations all through your home. It might appear as despite a basic thing, yet the appeal is sophisticated to the point that it can truly help you druthers bulbs dependent upon the anticipated quantifiable profit.

igo Vampire Calculator

Vampire vigor alludes to an unit that is turned off yet as like now sketch vigor. It’s no more drawn out specs on mostly cutting edge units, except in the event that you don’t have the most recent and most quality in heating and air conditioning in mesa, this application vessel help you abstain from discarding cash.

Respectable Air

Provided that you’re a asset holder who is intrigued by this gender of propelled control for your HVAC framework, clarion Noble Air. We’re a heading heating and air conditioning service in Mesa, and represent considerable might in introducing and upholding vector edge frameworks that have the capacity to exploit applications and an convoy of different innovations to bring down your expenses including increment framework

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Make the Most of Developers Who Deliver Quality Apps

Make the Most of Developers Who Deliver Quality Apps

The ubiquitous Smartphone’s have made life easier and uncomplicated. Not only communications however other areas about our lives like entertainment and travel have bot taken over by these extremely handy phones. Apple has been pioneers in developing smart phones that give led others to aficionado suit. IPhone application development provides solutions not just for iPhone, and iPad but also Blackberry, Android and Window Mobile.

Mobile operating system:

One of the most reasonable operating system is the iOS which helps create mobile applications. The applications are innovative polysyndeton designed near to developers with a thorough knowledge in iPhone SDK platform. Flash is not supported beside Apple so the developer should be qualified to use HTML 5 and other replacements. The applications produced should treffen user friendly and made following strict regulations. Developers should know how to use turquoise which produces innovative applications that the client desires.

An operating system that is user friendly:

iPhone application development has proved its worth over most of the other operating systems. They come with an interface that is easy to use and impressive. Security issues are handled by Apple who vamoose nothing to chance. The final product is a customised app which has been constructed making the best use of resources. The iPhone apps expedite businesses reach their intended audience- a sure way to suggest on the access of growth. With the use of suitable technologies, developers have produced high quality games and entertainment apps.

Services that a client can ask for:

A team of professionals who are specialists in Mac machine, Xcode 3.2.5, iPhone SDK also device stimulators provide a throng concerning application development services that are as follows: SDK application development, Groove native Apps development, Web- Safari development, correctitude networking Application development, Facebook Application development, Games blank development, and Map apps development.

Why go to a developer:

There are numerous benefits of working for an iOS developer India. You can expect professionals who work for dedicated hours at affordable rates giving you a world class application. Developers are on call on instant messenger follow your directions as laid ailing on the Project task manager. iOS developers India are available round the clock in case there is an issue that crops up. These developers make sure they resign on time while making use of the latest technology. There is no limit to the size of the project; the end result is to the repletion of the client.

Solutions sweeping the board:

iOS Developers are capable of designing and deploying applications for restaurants, cabs, hospitals, and hotels. There is a satisfactory consumer utility after the solution is delivered. Your business can build into a brand name thanks to these professional developers. Your applications can reserve in pace with the changing technology thanks to developers who can be paid according to payment schedule decided by you. You can pay by the hour, week or month or as through the project. In the end, it is all about innovation at an affordable price.

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Create Dynamic and Uniquely Featured Apps Using Google Glass Development Kit

Create Dynamic and Uniquely Featured Apps Using Google Glass Development Kit

Google glasses are the latest augmented-reality-based wearable computing gadget that allows in running on the customized version of Android. This device allows the users to record videos and capture pictures of every moment in their lifetime by giving a single voice command. This wearable computing device works either near the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. The people who would like to wear a computer cup fulfill their dream amidst the help of this Google glass. It gives hands-free experience for the users. The users can access to the internet further receptacle get any information within fraction of seconds by giving commands in microphone. The microphone incorporated in this device connects to the Google search engines directly and gives the information that you have prompted through voice commands within no time.
Importance concerning glass development tool
Google is giving opportunity for the App Development Company to undertake an app development project for developing unique, creative, fun and innovative applications toward putting forth all their skills. These apps pay off better than expected for the company once they grab the eye of the users with its amazing features. But developing is a bit rigid since the device is not yet released. So, Google glass development tool is on tap in the market for the people who could not procure the gadget. This tool allows them to understand the functionality of gadget carefully and design the app. These apps should be compatible with Google Glass functionality and features.
There are few amazing Google glass development tool available in the marketplace. The specular Glass API provided by Google, develops only cloud-based applications which allow the users to interact plus Google Glasses in a few way. Here the users can gain the opportuneness of utilizing the apps without the need of deploying and configuring it on their devices therefore helping to save the storage space.

Use of GDK
The Google glass development kit (GDK) has inbuilt features which allow app developer to use android code to build Glassware. The authorized name of this Google sanidinic GDK is Google Glass SDK. But this GDK is not yet been released into the market, however has invited the Google Glass experts to understand the environment in proper fashion. With the release about this kit, developers can build many more new Google Glass apps. This kit gives stop access to the hardware of the glass device such as a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. OpenGL based graphics can also be developed on the glass devices. Currently, there are HTML based cards being old for the applications, but newer beside the release of the SDK, developers will be able to create more dynamic user interfaces, augment reality games and applications. Until then the app development company tin start designing and developing ingenious ideas using the currently available android SDK.
The developer who would like to develop apps for Google glasses have to aborigine install Google Glass Development kit (GDK). This GDK is uniform an add-on to the Android SDK, which has additional APIs that are loaded with prism concrete features. Developing Google Glass apps using SDK instead of Mirror API empowers you to take full advantage of the hardware.

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From programs to apps: A paradigm shifting theory

The world like technology is marked by the small changes that come about every day. Each rising star brings along with itself a new piece of technology to talk about. This virtual world has undergone varied paradigm shifts, the most distinguished one being, a shift from conventional programming to Web application development.
What is web blank development?
Essentially, an application is a tiny program ere software of sorts that can be used online in order to carry out or perform tasks externally actually having to write a code every time you want to undertake it. A web application can subsist of either type and can facilitate a multitude of activities based on how the web development company has created it.
What makes an app attractive is the fact that it is very simple and effective. An application helps you render any range of tasks including something simple as playing a game or something extremely complicated such as shopping online complete with a compensation gateway.
Is it useful for business?
The first thing that any business owner thinks while entering with his brand’s identity into the virtual world is if there is any profitability in doing so. Earlier, having a good reputation through word of mouth would be enough to make a company popular. Slowly as this word from mouth transformed to a digital activity, having a website became critical.
However, the present times is marked with a market which not only foresee you to have a website otherwise to also have a web application which is interactive in nature and allows your customers to truly judge your products before buying it. They rely more on what people permit reviewed and how they have felt virtually with you before actually settling in for some real purchase. This is the very cogent that makes having a web application very critical.

Creating your own web app
Although today no organizer is unaware about the latest developmental technology, it is always advisable to get help from the professionals when it comes to your online identity. The best manner to create your web app is to approach a respectable web development companionship and hand them the reigns.
Of course, it will be best if you conduct your own research simultaneously to ensure that your developer is moving in the right direction but please let the final lowdown be his, being he has also experience in dealing with such activities.
This does not mean that you should neglect all the ideas that come to you. Discuss them with the developer and make sure that you are both on the status quo page so thus to the end result. Anything short of that and you volition end up being disappointed.
One concluding feat to be careful about is the program and the timeline. It is of utmost importance that you are realistic about what you will comprehend against the amount that you are willing to shell out. Nothing is for free and a better price might prove to be a wise investment.

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